Feminist Africa 21: The Politics of Fashion and Beauty in Africa is now out!!

From wigs and weaves to skin-bleaching to the clothes that we use to cover or reveal our bodies, fashion and beauty are complex structural considerations for women in Africa, and at the same time immensely personal. Occupying diverse socio-cultural positions, we exercise different degrees of practical choice over how we dress and adorn ourselves, limited by sheer material means and the market forces and asymmetric commodity flows of globalisation, as well as by the host of norms of embodied appearance to which we actively subscribe or with which we are expected or made to comply. READ MORE

The African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town is pleased to announce a call for papers for Feminist Africa Issue 21 (Fashion and Beauty Politics). This issue is being guest edited by Simidele Dosekun. For more information about Feminist Africa, please visit 

Deadline for Submissions: 31 December 2015

All Submissions and Enquiries should be emailed to

The Young Women's Leaderhip team at the University of the Witwatersrand has published! Their article is titled: 'Half of the picture: Interrogating common sense gendered beliefs surrounding sexual harassment practices in higher education' and is published by the Agenda journal. Below, please see the reference for the article:


Feminist Africa 19 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism edited by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama is now available online! To view and download articles, please visit

Radloff, J. 2013. Digital security as feminist practice, Feminist Africa 18: p145-155 READ ARTICLE

Radloff, J. 2013. Editorial: Feminist engagements with 21st-century communications technologyFeminist Africa 18: p1-11 READ EDITORIAL

Kezia Batisai
PhD Research: Body politics: An illumination of the landscape of sexuality and nationhood? Re-seeing Zimbabwe through elderly women’s representations of their sexual and gendered lives
ABSTRACT available
Supervisor: A/Prof Jane Bennett

Feminist Africa 18: e-spaces : e-politics now available online! FA 18 explores feminist engagements with communications technology. Feminist Africa is Open access and all articles are available for download and sharing. READ ARTICLES.

Mudavanhu S. & Radloff.  J. 2013. 'Taking feminist activism online: reflections on the ‘Keep Saartjie Baartman Centre Open’ e-campaign', Gender & Development, 21 (2): 327-341

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