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By prioritising intellectual rigor, the journal seeks to challenge the technocratic fragmentation resulting from donor-driven and narrowly developmentalist work on gender in Africa. It also encourages innovation in terms of style and subject-matter as well as design and lay-out. It promotes dialogue by stimulating experimentation as well as new ways of engaging with text for readers.

A commitment to transforming gender hierarchies in Africa will shape a strongly continental focus for the journal's subject-matter, design and mode of distribution. Issues will confront linkages between different African regions, nation-states and social identities, and register the unique challenges facing a continent with a shared history of exploitation and marginalisation. At the same time, the journal acknowledges that Africa's myriad social and cultural processes are inextricably linked to global processes.




Yaliwe Clarke is a Lecturer in the Gender Studies Section in the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics (Faculty of Humanities).

Jane Bennett has disciplinary backgrounds in literature, linguistics, sociology and feminist theory, and has worked at the State University of New York, Barnard College, and since 1999, within the University of Cape Town.

Feminist Africa 20 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism edited by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama is now available online! To view and download articles, please click HERE



The African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town is pleased to announce a call for papers for Feminist Africa Issue 21 (Fashion and Beauty Politics). This issue is being guest edited by Simidele Dosekun. For more information about Feminist Africa, please visit www.feministafrica.org. 

Deadline for Submissions: 31 December 2015

All Submissions and Enquiries should be emailed to agi-feministafrica@uct.ac.za

Feminist Africa 19 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism edited by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama is now available online! To view and download articles, please visit http://agi.ac.za/journal/feminist-africa-19-2014-pan-africanism-and-feminism

The African Union celebrated its 50th  Year in May 2013, under the general theme Pan-Africanism and Renaissance. At the gala and summit, Africa’s Heads of State’s congratulated themselves on the region’s rising GDP’s, anticipating a renewed foreign interest. We are already witnessing a renewed scramble for the material wealth of the region – most explicitly manifest in the land grab that threatens the very fabric of Africa’s survival. READ MORE.

Feminist Africa 16: ‘African Feminist Engagements with Film,’ edited by Yaba Badoe, Amina Mama and Salem Mekuria is now out and available online.

Bennett, J. & Tamale, S. 2011. Editorial: Legal Voice: Challenges and Prospects in the Documentation of African legal feminism. Feminist Africa 15: 1- 16. Read Editorial

Feminist Africa 15 - Legal Voice is now available online. The articles in this special issue of Feminist Africa assume that African legal feminism involves conversations central to what can be understood by theorising the processes of change.

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