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Amina Mama’s Notes on Gender stress the historical specificity of the operation of gender, and Oyewumi considers carefully how this operation was, and is, placed within the organization of different societies: where and when is “gendering” a central political and cultural force? How, for example, does “gendering” interact with the dominance of class construction, or the weight of colonial influences?

We can begin to answer this question by returning to the theoretical model of “sex” and “becoming gendered”. If we ask seriously about the way in which class constructions, for example, influence the process of “becoming gendered”, we could imagine “class” as a colour which we could place holistically over the model we’ve been using to describe the predictions which flow between ‘sexing” a baby and “gendering” a human being. That would mean that every aspect of the model (how someone lives in relation to labour, authority, performance, and sexuality, as a result of their identification as “boy/man”/”girl/woman”) would be influenced by the operation of class in the society.

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Medical Humanities Research Group at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER), University of the Witwatersrand, JohannesburgConference to be held on 2-4 September 2013  Conference Organizers: Dr Catherine Burns and Dr Ashlee Neser.

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Sexuality Policy Watch will be hosting in 2013 a training program focusing on sexuality research.


Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill could be passed into law imminently. It is scheduled for debate in the coming days, paving the way for the Bill to be passed by Parliament. Activists in Uganda and across the world have managed to stop the Bill in its tracks before. Let’s do it again!

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In a patriarchal world which commodifies and objectifies women's bodies, reclaiming agency is a powerful by the women of Rhodes that they have the right to determine their own desires.


TLAC and the Heinrich Boll foundation invite you to the launch of a shadow report on shelters for abused women. The report assesses the provision and funding of shelters by the state while considering whether shelters have sufficient resources to provide the services that abused women need.


In reaction to the tragic case of  the unnecessary death of a woman who was denied an abortion while undergoing a protracted miscarriage in Ireland, WGNRR expresses solidarity with Pro-Choice Activists.


A young lesbian Sihle Sikoji was stabbed to death on Friday evening, 10November 2012. Sihle was with her friends in Phillipi.


New research also reveals three-quarters of DRC men believe women who do not dress decently are asking to be raped. More than one in three men surveyed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's war-torn east admits committing sexual assault, and three in four believe that a woman who "does not dress decently is asking to be raped", researchers have found.



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