Feminist Africa 18. 2013: e-spaces : e-politics

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Editorial: Feminist engagements with 21st-century
communications technology

– by Jennifer Radloff

Disrupting patriarchy: An examination of the role of
e-technologies in rural Kenya

– by Brenda Nyandiko Sanya

Digital as an enabler: A case study of the Joburg Pride 2012 clash

– by Nyx McLean

Exploring new media technologies among young
South African women

– by Desiree Lewis, Tigist Shewarega Hussen and
Monique van Vuuren

Sinking into oblivion? Ethnographic insights into the place of
radio in the lives of women living in a rural community in Zimbabwe

– by Selina Mudavanhu

The Asikana Network
– by Chisenga Muyoya

Digital visual activism: A profile of Inkanyiso
– by Kylie Thomas

In Conversation
Selina Mudavanhu with Maggie Mapondera

Jennifer Radloff with Jan Moolman

Hakima Abbas with Blessol Gathoni

Jane Bennett with Sally-Jean Shackleton

African feminist uprisings: Getting our knickers in knots
– by Sarita Ranchod

Erotics : Sexuality, freedom of expression and online censorship
– by Caroline Tagny and jac SM Kee

Supporting Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex
human rights defenders in the digital age

– by Daniel O Clunaigh

Mobiles for development in Africa: Are we in danger of losing
sight of the bigger picture?

– by Kutoma J Wakunuma

Panty-slapped: Cyberactivism and African feminism join forces
– by Bella Hwang

Digital security as feminist practice
– by Jennifer Radloff

Is the success of M-Pesa empowering Kenyan rural women?
– by Oumy Khairy Ndiaye


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