Part 2 - Professor Sylvia Tamale teaching at the CODESRIA 2012 Gender Symposium

The Head of the African Gender Institute, Associate Professor Jane Bennett was in Dakar, Senegal from the 4th to the 8th of June 2012 where she was teaching with Professor Sylvia Tamale from Makerere University in the CODESRIA Gender Symposium. The theme was African Sexualities and the specific objectives of the 2012 edition of the Gender Symposium were:

  • To critically review the legal and judicial constructions of sexuality and identify how it interacts with gender and other power structures ;
  • To deepen the understanding of gender policy and sexual diversity within the universality of human rights, legal pluralism and cultural relativism;
  • To make a gendered analysis of African responses to the AIDS pandemic.

At the end of the symposium, participants were expected to have acquired analytical tools that would enable them to critically analyse the legal standards and concepts that are apparently universal and objective, neutral in terms of gender. They were also expected to be able to perceive and understand the subtle ways in which law, culture and society have always perpetuated gender discriminations.