Uganda's First Female Legislator Recounts Life in Corridors of Power

Source: (12 February 2017)

By Henry Lubulwa

Near a sprawling swamp in the suburbs of Kisubi, 400 meters off the Entebbe-Kampala road towards Nakawuka road is where 99-year-old Florence Alice Lubenga is taking refuge. Lubenga, who will turn 100 years on November 5, was the first female legislator in the country. READ MORE


Nigeria: Buchi Emecheta - Okowa, Others Mourn Literary Icon

Source: (27 January 2017)

By Japhet Alakam and Festus Ahon

The literary world was again thrown into mourning following the news of the death of one of Nigeria's renowned literary figures and authors of the world acclaimed novel, Second Class Citizen, Florence Onyebuchi "Buchi" Emecheta. Emecheta, whose works included: The Joys of Motherhood, Second-Class Citizen and The Bride Price, died at her London home, aged 72. READ MORE


Emergence, an Artistic Journal of Women and Gender non-conforming Africans

Source: Holaa Africa
Editorial from HOLAA!
Women have a lot of interesting stories. So many cool, sad, sexy, funny and strange stories. Stories that inspire and stories that make you shake your head and roll your eyes. Stories that turn you on or make you want to turn away. The lives of women are an intricate tapestry of happenings that often does not properly get seen, and sometimes gets ignored. Which is such a waste because it is such a great, random and wild menagerie of existences READ MORE

Queering Universities

Source: The Academic Citizen -

In the final episode of The Academic Citizen for 2016, Dr Mary Hames joins us to discuss issues of gender and sexuality within spaces of higher learning. Heteronormativity and patriarchy are still dominant within South African society, which makes it important to analyse how our universities respond to questions of sexuality and the rights of queer community members. This conversation reflects on issues of acceptance and inclusion, which range from official university rules, to disciplinary procedures when discrimination has taken place, to teaching methods in the lecture hall. LISTEN TO PODCAST


Feminist Africa 21: The Politics of Fashion and Beauty in Africa is now out!!

Feminist Africa 21: The Politics of Fashion and Beauty in Africa is now out!!

From wigs and weaves to skin-bleaching to the clothes that we use to cover or reveal our bodies, fashion and beauty are complex structural considerations for women in Africa, and at the same time immensely personal. Occupying diverse socio-cultural positions, we exercise different degrees of practical choice over how we dress and adorn ourselves, limited by sheer material means and the market forces and asymmetric commodity flows of globalisation, as well as by the host of norms of embodied appearance to which we actively subscribe or with which we are expected or made to comply. READ MORE



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