Stand with the people of Bukavu in Eastern Congo

The people of Bukavu are facing greater threats to their safety after last week’s attack on renowned surgeon Dr. Denis Mukwege.  He is the Director of Panzi Hospital, which has treated over 40,000 survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On October 25, armed men shot at Dr. Mukwege at his home.  Dr. Mukwege survived, but his long-time guard Joseph Bizimana died in the attack.

Now we join others around the world in supporting the brave people of Bukavu. Today they carried out a silent protest, a “ville morte”—literally, a “dead city”.  People stayed home from work and school to protest the high levels of insecurity in their city.  At the same time they called for a full and complete investigation into the attempted murder of Dr. Mukwege and the murder of Joseph Bizimana. Join their call for an end to the impunity for daily crimes. Learn more below.

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