The real Fezekile 'Khwezi' Kuzwayo as her family knew her

Source: News 24 (15 October 2016)

By Amanda Khoza

Durban – Many have in the past tried to piece together the life of President Jacob Zuma's rape accuser, Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, but it was at her funeral service on Saturday that her family would reveal the real woman they knew. READ MORE


In the Fall: Decolonisation and the rejuvenation of the academic project in South Africa

Source: Daily Maverick (16 October 2016)

By Joel Modiri

One line of critique against the discourse and movement known as “Fallism” that is gaining increasing currency in South African public and academic discourse is, put simply, the contention that the student activists are insufficiently literate in the radical social theories they purport to represent, and that furthermore, their undemocratic sensibilities, their thoughtless militancy, and their proclivity for violence and now, fire, is an outcome of this illiteracy. READ MORE


TO GENDER STUDIES STUDENTS: Venue information for second semester courses (2016) now available

To all Gender Studies Students: Please note that the venue information for Gender Studies second semester courses (2016) is now available. Please see the attachment. Should you need any clarifications, please contact the Gender Studies Academic Programme Assistant, Wardah Daniels (wardah.daniels[at]



Contributors  are  invited  to  write  on  the  topic above from  either  a  research  or  an  activism  perspective. Abstracts and contributions must be written in English and in a style accessible to a wide audience. Please submit abstracts to or No later than 26th May 2016. MORE INFORMATION 

Angry feminist? Damn right I'm angry

Source: Mail & Guardian (1 April 2016)

By Helen Moffett 

Earlier this month, on a Nigerian feminist’s Twitter feed, I spotted men earnestly arguing the case for child brides. In 2016. On International Women’s Day. And once again, a question that’s been haunting me for decades started running like ticker tape across my mind: Why do men hate women so much?
It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with for many years. This time, I thought I might shake some new answers loose by investigating social media and the way it’s become a hall of mirrors that, while often distorting, nevertheless reflects the pervasiveness of global misogyny. READ MORE




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