Source: (15 March 2016)

Over the weekend, as the arrest of the suspected serial rapist dominated the news, we as UCT Survivors ask ‘What about all the perpetrators of sexual violence in their class rooms and residences that UCT has not offered a reward for?’ If the management of this institution are serious about tackling sexual violence on this campus, they need to be open about the perpetrators that are part of the UCT community. They need to be open about how their structures have failed survivors in the past. Last year, a review of the Discrimination and Harassment Office (DISCHO) was commissioned and UCT management has yet to make it public for comment from the whole UCT community. It details some of the failures of these structures and details management’s negligence towards these structures as well as the questionable qualifications of those appointed to head up the disciplinary procedures that are part of these structures. We as a collective are calling for the immediate release of this document. READ MORE


‘Tokenistic, objectifying, voyeuristic inclusion is at least as disempowering as complete exclusion’

Source: UCT: TransCollective Facebook page (10 March 2016) 
Kimberle Crenshaw captures the motivation for the UCT Trans Collective’s disruptive intervention at the Rhodes Must Fall movement’s one year anniversary exhibition most eloquently.
For the Trans Collective, the commemorations that are happening at this time invite us to reflect on both the decolonial year that has been and the years that are to come. In our reflection we have found that as black, poor, queer, womxn and non-binary trans people our position in the decolonial theory and practice is unchanged. READ MORE



TO GENDER STUDIES STUDENTS: Venue information for first semester courses (2016) now available

To all Gender Studies Students: Please note that the venue information for Gender Studies first semester courses (2016) is now available. Please see the attachment. Should you need any clarifications, please contact the Gender Studies Academic Programme Assistant, Wardah Daniels (wardah.daniels[at]


Nurturing Wellness among Men

Source: (28 January 2016)

Recording posted by the folk at The Voice of the Cape, 91.3FM, of the interview by Mishka Darries of Kopano Ratele, a professor at the University of South Africa who co-facilitates a men’s group with Shahieda Jansen in Cape Town; Jackie Geduld, a psych postgraduate student at the University of Western Cape (UWC), and Shahieda Jansen who is the manager of Student Counselling at the Centre for Student Support Services at UWC and the women who initiated and has been running men’s groups for years. LISTEN TO RECORDING


Violence against women metered out by the health system, 365 days a year

Source: Daily Maverick (25 November 2015)

By Marion Stevens

Black women continue to endure the injustice and violence of reproductive ill-health. With missionary zeal to control the numbers of black women having children, the apartheid government introduced long-term contraception through injectable contraceptives as a form of population control. This facilitated a culture of giving contraception to women without their permission, nor supporting the skills needed for respectful discussion about safer sex with their partners. READ MORE



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