The Must Fall movement: Out with the old hierarchies and in with feminist leadership

Source: Women Peace Makers Program (23 November 2015)

By Rutendo Hadebe

South Africans woke up on Friday October 16 to news that students at Johannesburg-based Wits University were demanding that there be no (zero) increase to 2016 university fees…or else. For those not familiar with the politics of South African universities, this was an uncomfortable development as it was coming at a time close to the end of the year and had the potential to disrupt the ‘all important’ examinations and graduation ceremonies. As expected, this movement immediately gained momentum on social media and in no time the #FeesMustFall (FMF) was trending: a hashtag and phrase that was reminiscent of the #RhodesMustFall (RMF) Movement which had captured the country’s attention earlier in the year. READ MORE


On violence: Whose bodies matter?

Source: Mail & Guardian

By Barbara Boswell

Violence is never acceptable.
In a democracy, where legal instruments exist as a remedy to injustice, the use of brute force to seek and maintain power or settle scores is abhorrent and unacceptable.
Yet we live in a country saturated with violence. Violence is in sharp focus as it spills over into the relatively protected enclaves of university campuses, in contestations over access and space. READ MORE


The ‘Revolution’ is irrelevant. The very word implies revolving; going around, returning. Battle after battle, revolution after revolution, the slave adapts, subject to an advanced  form of torture and on revolt, the people fight only part of the cause of the oppression. For freedom, we cannot revolve; we need to evolve. What is required is a complete shift in consciousness: Holistic rebellion, dismantling every form of oppression. We can only truly shift if we dismantle the oppressive power structures at every intersection. READ MORE


Feminist Africa 20 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism edited by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama now available online!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same: The curious case of black women and queer life at UCT

Source: Mail & Guardian 

By Zethu Matebeni

The last few months have stimulated long overdue conversations and action in higher education institutions in South Africa. Rhodes Must Fall, over and over again. The concrete structure may be gone from the steps of the UCT upper campus, but its shadow remains — blocking the same path that leads to possible liberation. It is not yet uhuru. The promise of freedom is not for tomorrow. The wait is charged with the hard work of decolonisation. Often misrecognised as the new buzz word next to transformation, its content is often not so easily embraced. READ MORE



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