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Confronting Birth Violence in South Africa

Source: (4 February 2015)

By Rachelle Chadwick and Marion Stevens

We know that gender and sexual violence are major problems in South Africa. We know that we have shockingly high rates of rape, domestic violence and femicide. What is not always recognised however is a different form of violence against women. This is violence that is perpetrated predominantly by women and which targets other women when they are in one of their most vulnerable moments. We are talking here about birth violence that happens to women during labour and when they are giving birth to a new life. While reports of abuse in maternal health services have been fairly widespread since the early 1990s, these incidents are often not framed as a form of violence against women. Some view these incidents as the work of a few bad apples and not indicative of wider attitudes. We know from writing on the issue that the factors involved are complex and multiple, including an over-burdened public health system, lack of resources, highly stressed staff and health-care providers and a long apartheid legacy that still marks our healthcare system. READ MORE


Feminist Africa 19 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism now available online!

Feminist Africa 19 - Pan-Africanism and Feminism edited by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama is now available online! To view and download articles, please visit


What’s in this Feminazi ‘shit’?

Source: Daily Maverick (30 October 2014)

By Marelise van der Merwe

Women are dying, being beaten, unsafe on the streets, and playing nicely isn’t going to make it better for the next generation. It’s time for revolution.

The ‘Kenilworth Klapper’. What a claim to fame. It emerged last week that the now-infamous Tim Osrin had had more charges laid against him – this time by an actual sex worker who claimed that he had “grabbed my (breasts) and squeezed them hard and hit them. He kept hitting me and saying ‘fuck off out of my street’. “He kicked and beat me so much that he knocked the tooth out of my mouth. I fell down and he carried on beating me.” READ MORE



A deep dip in everyday racism/sexism/classism/etc

Source: Mail and Guardian

By Jen Thorpe

Cape Town swimming coach Tim Osrin was arrested last week when he allegedly beat up a middle-aged domestic worker, Cynthia Joni, in the middle of the day without the two ever having said anything to one another. Osrin was driving his car along a road, saw Joni, and stopped his car to beat her up. She sustained multiple injuries. His explanation for this — he thought she was a prostitute. He is quoted as saying “I just snapped. It is a result of the years of stress of having these people in our area”. READ MORE



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