Dr. Rachelle Chadwick

BA, BSocSci (Hons), MA, PhD (UCT)
BA, BSocSci (Hons), MA, PhD (UCT)
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NRF Research Career Fellow and Lecturer

Dr Rachelle Chadwick is a NRF Research Career Fellow and Lecturer in the Gender Studies Section in the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics (Faculty of Humanities). She is also a Researcher in the African Gender Institute. She joined AGI/Gender Studies in July 2014. She has held various awards and fellowships including an A.W. Mellon Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley. Rachelle has been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research (University of the Western Cape) and at the Women’s Health Research Unit (School of Public Health and Family Medicine) at UCT. She has a PhD in Psychology from UCT and has taught on qualitative research methodology, feminist theory, gender and health and critical theory at both the University of the Western Cape and at UCT. Her key research interests are in the areas of body politics, reproductive health, theorising subjectivity, emotions/affect and embodiment and qualitative methodology (particularly narrative methodologies). Rachelle is a recipient of a NRF Research Career Advancement Award and is currently working on a new research project titled, ‘Intimate ethnographies of giving life: the bodily-emotional worlds of childbearing for low-income South African women’. She has published research articles and book chapters in the areas of qualitative methodology, gender theory, sexuality, childbirth, embodiment, women’s acts of discursive resistance and reproductive health.

Journal Articles:

Chadwick, R. & Foster, D. (2007) In transition but never undone? Contesting masculinity. Psychology in Society35, 27-37.

Chadwick, R. (2009) Between bodies, cultural scripts and power: the reproduction of birthing subjectivities in homebirth narratives. Subjectivity: International Journal of Critical Psychology27,  109-133.

Chadwick, R., Mantell, J., Moodley, J., Harries, J., Zweigenthal, V. & Cooper, D. (2011) Safer conception interventions for HIV-affected couples: implications for resource-constrained settings. Topics in Antiviral Medicine19(4), 158-165.

Chadwick, R. (2012) Fleshy enough? Notes toward embodied analysis in critical qualitative research. Gay & Lesbian Issues & Psychology Review, 8(2), 82-97.

Chadwick, R. (2013) Queering heterosexuality in the context of sexual violence activism: a rhetorical analysis. Gay & Lesbian Issues & Psychology Review9(1), 3-14.

Chadwick, R. & Foster, D. (2013) Technologies of gender and childbirth choices: home birth, elective caesarean section and white femininities in South Africa. Feminism & Psychology, 23(3), 317-338.

Chadwick, R. & Foster, D. (2014) Negotiating risky bodies: childbirth and constructions of risk. Health, Risk & Society. 16(1), 68-83.

Chadwick, R., Cooper, D. & Harries, J. (2014) Narratives of distress about birth in South African public maternity settings: a qualitative study. Midwifery30(7), 862-868.

Chadwick, R. (in press) Raising concerns: quality of care and maternal health services in South Africa. African Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health.

Book Chapters:

Chadwick, R. & Foster, D. (2005) ‘Taking-up’ gay? A Rape Crisis volunteer (re)performs sexuality (pp.113-33). In Van Zyl, M. & Steyn, M. (eds) Performing queer. Cape Town: Kwela Press.

Chadwick, R. (2006) Pathological wombs and raging hormones: psychology, reproduction  and the female body (pp. 223-249). In Shefer, T., Kiguwa, P. & Boonzaier, F. (eds) The gender of psychology. Cape Town: UCT Press.

Chadwick, R. (2014) Bodies talk: on hearing childbirth counterstories. In Mckenzie-Mohr,  S. and Lafrance, M. (eds) Women voicing resistance: discursive and narrative explorations, pp.44-63. London: Routledge.

Unpublished Reports:

Chadwick, R. (2010) Gender, sexuality and South African childhoods: a child rights approach.  Unpublished report: RAPCAN (58 pp).

Chadwick, R. (2013) The right to dignity in childbirth? Public sector birth stories. Unpublished report: National Research Foundation (86 pp). 

Telephone: +27 (0) 21 650 4208 Email: rachelle.chadwick(at)uct.ac.za