Yolandé Botha - Gender Studies Masters student

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Yolandé Botha is a new Masters student in the Gender Studies Department. She will be commencing her research this year on South African infant feeding policy and the implications that this has for women’s lives with a particular focus on recent policy changes with regards to breastfeeding. Professor Jane Bennett will be supervisor her during her exploration of this topic. Yolandé completed an undergraduate degree majoring in politics and journalism as well as an honours degree in politics at Rhodes University. She decided to pursue a Masters degree in Gender Studies in order to focus her research on topics that are pertinent to South African women and to explore how issues of gender interrelate with those of race and class. Yolandé has a keen interest in digital feminist activism and runs a blog that touches on this topic from time to time. As her research topic indicates she is also interested in women’s health and reproductive matters. In addition to this, she is fascinated by “choice” narratives in feminism and by the Afrikaner “volksmoeder” ideal that played a central role in sustaining apartheid ideology in the family setting. Although her writing is yet to be published, she still holds out hope that she will become a features writer and that she will revolutionise the visual and written content of women’s magazines and websites after completing her Masters degree. When Yolandé is not working in the library, she enjoys baking, creative design projects and continuing her quest to find the perfect red lipstick.