The AGI's Programmes all seek to contribute to knowledge creation fundamental to understanding the intersectional politics of gender within African contexts. Each programme is driven through research projects, partnership building and direct engagement with questions of theory and strategy.

Gender and Women’s Studies in Africa : Teaching and Learning Materials

Taking into account the kinds of opportunities and challenges faced by feminists located in African universities, the GWS Africa project offers African-authored and African-centred material that takes gender seriously. Here we offer Teaching & learning resources developed by the project.


Feminist e-Knowledges Programme

The AGI’s Feminist e-Knowledges programme started running in 2012 and so far, several activities have taken place in the programme. These include a research on young women's experiences with e-spaces, collaborations with feminist activists located in NGOs on an online advocacy campaign as well as in hosting a public intellectual dialogue on sexuality online. Two journal articles will be published in the course of 2013. For more information on the above-mentioned activities as well as programme activities for 2013, please click on the specific areas of work listed below.


Sexual and Reproductive Rights Programme

The Sexual and Reproductive Rights Programme seeks to support research, networking and activism which prioritizes sexual and reproductive rights. The programme also strives to strengthen young women’s leadership in sexual and reproductive rights work, to address issues of violence against women, to work with LGBTIQ writers and activists on the continent, and to develop theoretical frameworks which can drive new approaches to understanding and implementing sexual and reproductive rights contextually.


Livelihoods, Gender and Entrepreneurship Programme

The Livelihoods, Gender and Entrepreneurship Programme aims to contribute research and partnership to initiatives which focus on urban-based economic activities outside the framework of formal wage labour.


Gender, peace-building and transitional justice in African contexts

The African Gender Institute seeks to  develop theory-building research, based on the experience of women peace activists, which moves beyond narratives of women’s victimization or achievements. Gender dynamics play a central role in the meaning of what happens, to whom, where and how, and while it is no secret that women and children are the first to become displaced and attacked as “non-military” targets, gender analysis of conflict reveals more than this.


Feminist Africa

Feminist Africa is a publication of the African Gender Institute and its Strengthening Gender & Women's Studies for Africa's Transformation (GWS Africa) Project. It provides a forum for progressive, cutting-edge gender research and feminist dialogue focused on the continent.

Click here to view issues of Feminist Africa which are available for downloading.


African Feminists: Talking the Walk- A programme hosted by the African Gender Institute

The African Feminists: Talking the Walk is a programme of the African Gender Institute that started in August 2011. This programme attempts to match people (African Feminists) to their ideas and the debates they engage with in doing their work.