Feminist e-Knowledges Programme

The AGI’s Feminist e-Knowledges programme started running in 2012 and so far, several activities have taken place in the programme. These include a research on young women's experiences with e-spaces, collaborations with feminist activists located in NGOs on an online advocacy campaign as well as in hosting a public intellectual dialogue on sexuality online. Two journal articles will be published in the course of 2013. For more information on the above-mentioned activities as well as programme activities for 2013, please click on the specific areas of work listed below.

Feminist e-Knowledges Programme: Areas of Work


Partnership Building

Public Intellectual Dialogue

Capacity Building

Programme Objectives:

  • Deepening understanding of feminist e-activists' work in African contexts
  • Theorizing interactions between e-technologies and the production of gender
  • Strengthening the linkages between feminist e-activisms within NGO and movement spaces and the work of feminists within African higher education
  • Ensuring that e-space is understood as a vital political space for challenging intersectional inequities and injustices across the African continent
  • Strengthening local and regional experiences and activisms through global collaborations to broaden the knowledge base
  • Building capacity of local NGOs and movements through skills and strategies exchange to harness e-technologies for social change

Feminist e-Knowledges Programme Convenors:

Selina Mudavanhu has worked as a journalist as well as an activist in the area of media and gender. Selina is currently doing her PhD in Media Studies with the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town. Selina enjoys telling stories using digital tools. She has used the methodology to tell personal stories as well as to articulate serious political issues (see the ‘Keep the Saartjie Baartman Centre open’ advocacy video).
Contact Details:
Tel: (+27) 21 650-4202
Email: selina.mudavanhu@uct.ac.za

Jennifer Radloff
is a feminist activist who has spent the past 15 years working with women’s rights activists in the creative and strategic use of ICTs for social change and women’s empowerment at local, regional and global levels. Her interests include feminist practices and politics of technology and using methodologies such as digital storytelling to facilitate people creating their own stories in their own voices and engaging with technologies in a meaningful way.
Contact Details:
Tel: (+27) 21 650-4204
Email: jennifer.radloff@uct.ac.za